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For over 35+ years we have been providing the greater Denton, TX area with the best CNC Machining service available.

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CNC Turning manufacturing companyWe are fully equipped for all CNC Turning operations with our Lathe machines.       Lathes >

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CNC Milling Machine Shop serviceOur HAAS brand CNC Milling Machines are the best in the industry.               Our Mills >

5 Axis and 4 Axis CNC Machining companyMulti Axis Machining is set up on all our Mills and Live tooling on lathes.            Multi Axis >

CNC Machine Shop serving the Denton Texas area and more.

Do you need precision CNC Machining services? We can manufacture many types of parts while keeping close tolerances at our machine shop here in the Denton Texas area. We provide a full service CNC Machine shop service at affordable pricing all the way from your initial plan, to Mastercam programming of the part, fixture design, and full on production capabilities for your machined parts all while keeping consistent and accurate part dimensions every time with our staff of experienced machinists that know how to tackle the challenges of your part manufacturing for all of our clients nationally and here in Denton TX.


35+ years of CNC Machining here in Denton.

When looking for a CNC Machine Shop to make your prototype or parts you really should want someone with real world experience making complicated parts with high tolerances. Whatever your CNC Machining needs are here in the Denton local area, we know what it takes to bring the utmost in quality for your parts. We are your local CNC Machine Shop. Our pricing is very competitive, however you may not be sure how much our CNC Machining Services cost, but we have a reputation of quality first and affordability second, and we have kept many of our clients for decades all over Texas, the U.S. and especially the Denton area. Today's modern Machine shop must stay up to date with all the new technology and advancements as they relate to keeping close tolerances, high speed milling and turning operations especially with Multi Axis, 4 Axis, and 5 Axis CNC Machining as the needs of our client's in Denton are always changing.


We are confident that our experienced team can handle your project with the professionalism you deserve, and it all starts with a phone call, or let's meet up at our office here in the Denton area in Denton, TX and discuss the unique needs of your CNC Manufacturing needs.





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Halsey Manufacturing – CNC Machine Shop specializing in high precision CNC Machining in the DFW Dallas / Fort Worth Area TX area